Open positions

Title Type of position Short abstract Image
Aerial Robots with the sense of touch PhD Researchers are trying to make aerial robots perform physical work. Current methodologies show promising results, but they fail in real scenarios, mostly because of inaccurate visual perception. Inspired by nature, this project investigates how to also provide aerial robots with the sense of touch and how to use it for improving their manipulation capabilities.
MPC-based control of a cable-suspended load using multiple UAVs for dynamic motions Master thesis This project envisions developing the next generation of multi-UAV systems to achieve fast, safe, and robust manipulation of a cable-suspended load in the real world.
Collaborative Articulated-Object Manipulation with Multi-drone Systems Master thesis The goal of this Master Thesis is to exploit recent advancements in the optimal control theory to design a manipulation planner that can effectively handle complex interactions and extend those results to multiple collaborating robots in the context of object manipulation.
Energy-aware collaborative transportation and manipulation with multi-drone systems Master thesis The goal of this Master Thesis is to exploit recent advancements on the topic of energy-aware coordination of multi-drone systems to handle collaborative load transportation in unknown and unstructured environments with a team of drones.
Full-body Design and Control of an Aerial Manipulator Master thesis A new torque-controlled arm is to be designed and implemented for the tilt-hex hexacopter platform in order to obtain a thrust-torque (optimal) control for the robot.