Open positions

Title Type of position Short abstract Image
Truly Force-based Control of a UAV Master thesis Current solutions for aerial physical interaction still lack the required precision and robustness required in real applications. This project goes beyond state-of-the art control methods with the use of integrated force sensing at the rotors.
Autonomous OMAV Flight in Confined Spaces Master thesis In this project the student will integrate the Voliro omnidirectional multi-aerial vehicle (OMAV) recently spun off from the lab with a navigation stack. The aim is autonomous flight in confined spaces such as doorways and narrow passages. Good results may see use in a high-profile research project.
Design and Control of Soft Aerial Manipulator Master thesis The aim is to design a model-based controller for a soft robotic manipulator mounted to an omnidirectional drone platform. The soft robotic arm is made of silicone elastomer and capable of dynamic manipulation. The soft arm is modelled after an elephant's trunk and is actuated through pneumatic valves.