Energy-based Safety Layer for Aerial Vehicles in Physical Interaction using Lyapunov Exponents


Towards 6DoF Bilateral Teleoperation of an Omnidirectional Aerial Vehicle for Aerial Interaction

Energy Tank-based Policies for Robust Aerial Physical Interaction with Moving Objects 


Human-State-Aware Controller for a Tethered Aerial Robot Guiding a Human by Physical Interaction

Dynamic End Effector Tracking with an Omnidirectional Parallel Aerial Manipulator

Active Model Learning using Informative Trajectories for Improved Closed-Loop Control on Real Robots

Direct Force and Pose NMPC with Multiple Interaction Modes for Aerial Push-and-Slide Operations

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Physical Hyman-Robot Interaction with a Tethered Aerial Vehicle: Application to Human Guiding

Full-pose Manipulation Control of a Cable-suspended load with Multiple UAVs under Uncertainties

Aerial Manipulators: Direct Force Feedback Control and Online Multi-task Optimization

Aerial Physical Interaction with Curved Surfaces: NDT pipe inspection

Visual Marker based Multi-Sensors Fusion State Estimation

Dynamic Decentralized Control For Protocentric Aerial Manipulators

Takeoff and Landing on Slopes via Inclined Hovering with a Tethered Aerial Robot

Control and Observation of Tethered Aerial Vehicles

Nonlinear Observation and Control for Pairs of Tethered Aerial Vehicles