New project: AEROGUIDE!

This year I will coordinate a new project: AEROGUIDE

AEROGUIDE is a research project aiming at enhancing Human-Aerial Robot Interaction. The project, created and led by me, is funded by the ETH Career Seeds grants and is carried out at the Autonomous System Lab (ASL) of ETH.

AEROGUIDE aims to be the first investigation into the novel research field of physical Human-Aerial Robot Interaction (pHARI). Although physical HRI with ground robots has been extensively investigated, the use of aerial robots demands a careful treatment of the interaction and the stability of the system. To start the investigation, we propose to study a system which is the first of its kind: a human holding a handle physically connected by a cable to an aerial vehicle. The robot shall guide the human using forces only, e.g., to help visually impaired persons.