2019/10/30 - TTT - Deep Tech Time

I presented though a video the system FlyCrane at the Deep Tech Time organized by the Toulouse Tech Transfer (TTT). This event, lasting two days and organized as a contest, has the objective to motivate students and joung researchers to transform an innovative technology in a sturt-up. The FlyCrane team won the prize.

2018/11/15 - Visite Étudiants UPSSITECH

I and Davide Bicego encountered around 30 students from UPSSITECH at the first year of the Robotics Engineer. We presented the basics of aerial robotics and our research activity in such field.


2018/10/13 - Fête de la Science

During the day we performed several presentations explaining our research activity on aerial robotics and  showing our new prototypes. More than 100 persons came to assist our presentations.

2018/06/21 - LAAS RTDays

For the first edition of the annual LAAS Research and Technology Days (RTDays) we performed one of our first demo in which we show an aerial manipulator performing a complex physical interaction task. In particular, in this demo the aerial manipulator is able to slide the end effector all along a plastic pipe preserving the contact and avoiding obstacles. The demo simulates a contact based pipe inspection. The demo has been mainly prepare by Hermes A. Tello Chávez and myself.